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Carole Adams Carole Adams
Lynda Bailey Lynda Bailey
Pat Bradford Pat Bradford
John Cheshire John Cheshire LRPS
mind the gap Mike Dales ARPS
passage of time David Gent
NigelLaflin Nigel Laflin
Swimming Goggles by David Moore David Moore
Steve Lenaerts Steve Lenaerts LRPS
Darren Pullman Darren Pullman
Hiking up the Dunes Ann Rayers
Joyce Rowlands Joyce Rowlands
Peter Rowlands Peter Rowlands
Peter Rowley Peter Rowley
Balwant Thanki Balwant Thanki
Rodney Williams Rodney Williams
John Wroe John Wroe


The copyright in all these pictures remains with the photographer.
No picture maybe used without their permission.

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